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In Focus

Ethereal Art Lamps

The exquisite crystal-glass lamps available at Ethereal Art are ingeniously conceived by our very own in-house designers in conjunction with the meticulous craftsmanship of Canadian glass-blower and gaffers. When turned on, the intricacies of each crystal component is revealed wonderfully through the lamps own luminescence. The various designs available at Ethereal Art are very popular items, and our stocks are constantly infused with new original pieces, so please come visit us to see the latest items and current collections.

In Focus: Mother’s Day Special Offer.

Mother's Day Special Offer

There are many items available in our downtown location to help you find the right gift for your beloved one. In gratitude of our wonderful mothers, Ethereal Art will be offering special prices for this delightful occasion. Please visit our store at Waterfront Centre for more details and enjoy a browse through the multitudes of art-glass works.

In Focus: Sapphire-Black Cascade Series

Ethereal Art is pleased to present our Cascade Series. It is a limited edition custom designed according to our art direction which melds a classic style in modern shape and form. The sapphire-black contrasts beautifully with white and ultramarine streams along its contours. Under normal ambient lighting, these vases exude a deep black which shift to an intense sapphire-blue under direct illumination. The Cascade Series will make a great addition to any environment, either as vessels that perfectly complement vibrant flower bouquets of any color, or as stand-alone testaments of unique art-glass pieces. We highly recommend and welcome visitors to see this series up close in person in order to truly appreciate its stunning beauty.

In Focus. 2010 Sapphire-Black Cascade Series

Midnight-Black & Cyan Necklaces

A photo-update of new additions to the Ethereal Art Jewelry line. Details are in store.

Midnight-Black & Cyan Necklaces

Emerald Crystal-Glass Necklace

A new addition to our collection of hand-crafted and individually designed crystal-glass jewelry, this elegantly tiered piece can make a great gift for anyone with its vibrant colors. Details can be found in store.

Emerald Crystal-Glass Necklace